Image"The advance of Lee Towers in Ahoy' is unstoppable..."

"Welcome to my World", Lee Towers sang after descending from the ceiling of the Ahoy' hall in a flying saucer to the sounds of Star Wars, played once again by the Metropole orchestra, conducted by Jerry van Rooyen and Harry van Hoof. This spectacular opening represented one of many climaxes in this fourth edition of the Gala of the Year. Virtually unsurpassably, Lee Towers presented his artistic highlight of the year for no less than EIGHT evenings in a sold-out Ahoy'.

The whole public enjoyed a tremendous presentation of show, technology and special effects. Completely unexpectedly two enormous waterfalls, a unique laser show and even a hydraulically operated show staircase appeared in an ingeniously created décor. Shortly before the interval a horse appeared on stage, enabling Lee Towers to set the tone for the second part after the interval.

Together with Sandra Reemer, Lee Towers sang the well-known duet "Storybook Children". From the up-tempo "Higher and Higher" and "Sweet Inspiration" to the sensitive "Cuddle Up" and "Deep River Women", the public listened and enjoyed avidly.

After the numbers "Las Vegas" and "Far from Over" the public rewarded Lee Towers with the famous Mexican wave. Something never seen before in Ahoy'. Lee Towers concluded his Gala with a spectacular finale that conjured up visions of an exuberant Brazilian carnival.

The Gala of the Year '87 was shown in two parts on Dutch television by Vara, published on video and even submitted as the Dutch entry for the Golden Rose of Montreux and sold to a number of other countries.


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